KAKA SBG-40 Heavy-Duty Universal Bender, Flat, Square & Round Bar Metal Bender

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KAKA Industrial SBG-40 Overview

KAKAIND cast-iron metal bender offers three functions into one machine. The bender is capable of scroll bending, radius bending and angle bending through swapping out the handles. With a capacity of 28-1/2 tons per square inch, the bender can be used to shape steel, iron, wrought iron, brass, copper and aluminum. The steel bender is an outstandingly ornamental bender for producing fences, gates, railings and much more.


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The combination of scroll bending, radius bending and angle bending allow the metal bender maximum functioning and producing the maximum as large as possible. The wide base design ensures the safety while on working and avoids any unexpected accidents. At the same time, this steel metal bender can shape steel, iron, wrought iron, brass, copper and aluminum, safeguards the multiple material usage. Overall, it is a bender that worths giving a shot!

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KAKAIND SBG-40 Metal Bender Key Benefits

  • COMBINATION OF THREE BENDING FUNCTION INTO ONE. KAKAIND cast-iron universal bender integrates three bending function into one machine, which includes scroll bending, radius bending as well as angle bending. By merely swapping out the handle, the function of bending will change accordingly and save a lot of time and energy
  • WIDE SUPPORTING BASE ENHANCES SAFETY AND EFFICIENT OPERATION. This heavy-duty universal bender builds with a wide supporting face; it can be mounted on a stand or simple on the ground. The heavy material itself will ensure that this machine can stay stable during the work assignment
  • CAN BE UTILIZED TO CUT MULTIPLE SOURCE OF MATERIAL. This metal bender can shape materials such as steel, iron, wrought iron, brass, copper and aluminum, which the versatility will be guaranteed
  • HIGH MILD STEEL CAPACITY. The mild steel capacity for round bar is 0.59 inch; the square bar is 0.511 inch; the flat bar is 1.18x0.314 inch
  • SOLID DESIGN WITH EASY OPERATION. KAKAIND universal bender SBG-40 is built of lasting material, which can be utilized after many year utilization. The heavy base enhances the stability when it is operating, which makes the operation easy and efficient

 KAKAIND SBG-40 Is Backed by A 1-Year Warrant  






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